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Shannon Nielsen


"My passion for rugby started many decades ago (1975 ish) while sitting on the floor in my family room in Forks, Washington watching Canadian TV and this very interesting sport appeared on the television.  I was determined to play that sport someday.

Fast forward to September 24, 1991, it was a Tuesday, and I went to my first rugby practice. My childhood dream came to fruition.  I have played men’s and women’s rugby.  I have been a coach for HS Boys and Girls all the way up to adult men’s and women’s rugby.  I have held every board position on one rugby team or another, sometimes several at the same time for more than one club at the same time. I have been a ref and the secretary for the ref society.  I have volunteered at every USA 7’s national championship in Washington State.  I was a USA Rugby Congress Member.  I have been the CIPP/Membership Compliance office for PNW Rugby since 1998, and on and off for Rugby WA since 2014.  I have been on a few disciplinary committees on and off as well and I am a judicial officer in training.  I was also the treasurer for PNW Rugby for several years.  

I currently coach the most incredible team in the world.  The Lady Liberty High School Girls Team.  Next year will be the 10th year this team has been in existence and my 10th year as their coach. I give up one part of rugby every so many decades and then I take on 2 more.  Best sickness I have ever had!"