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Cleve Larson


"With a smile and a flash or two of fuzzy memory, here are some highlights  from 50 years of rugby 1973-2023:

A)  1973–Learned rugby while in graduate school University College, Dublin 1973-1974. Played center and fullback for Bective Rangers while in Dublin.

B) 1974: player /first club in USA was Jesters of Portland,  Oregon.

C) 1974-81: Player on Portland RC. Player on first Oregon Rep Side and original NW Loggers

D) 1975: USARFU founded summer 1975. Governor to USA 1976-77 representing newly reformed NW Rugby Conference. Built foundation for rugby expansion into NW.

E) 1976-80: Player/ Pacific Coast Grizzlies. First NW Rugby player ever selected in 1976.

F) 1978: National ITT Championship Winner w Pacific Coast. First XV fullback.

G) 1976-77: USA Eagle select trials. Injured.

H) 1985-86: Came out of retirement to play in SF Golden Gate  Over 35 Masters. MVP.

I)  1998: Second un-retirement. Gold Medalist Nike World Masters Over 40 w PRC.

J)  2006-11: third era of involvement—Head Coach PRC Men’s D2. League Champions 2009, multiple trips to USA Western Regionals. Coach— NW Rep Side Men’s Loggers  2009 v Nor Cal; Arizona; Utah.

K) 2012-2020– Director, Board of Rugby Oregon. Expanded youth boys/ girls rugby teams across OR / SW Wash.

L) 2019- Present. Senior Advisor to Oregon Sports Union, Inc to corporate board, Mens and Women’s Clubs. Created business plan/ operations/  Improvements to Oregon Rugby Center field/ facility, the only privately owned rugby grounds in Oregon."